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Final Documentation



    Last thing until we're free - documentation. We should meet up once this week to finalize everything, how does Tuesday at 2:00 in the OEDK sound? Everyone should bring nearly done versions of the their docs, and we'll make last changes and post them then. We'll be using the last of the food budget on whatever you guys like.
    I've assigned the last deliverables (as per Dr. Wong) to each team, color - coded below:
    (Red - GUI, Green - Model, Blue - Network, Black - All, Orange - Other, see bottom for note)
    • Code
      • Full code disconnected from source control in Customer site
      • Full code in TFS (do final commits, DO NOT BREAK FUNCTIONALITY)
      • Full code docs at method and field level (everyone document their own code)
    • Documentation (some sections can be moved around into different guides and or combined)
      • Installation guide
        • Azure deployment  -- be sure to identify any hard-coded URL issues!
        • TFS setup
        • VS setup
        • required third party packages (I believe only GUI used third-party packages)
        • security certificates and other settings
      • User guide -- how to use the applicaiton
        • normal users
        • power users
        • administrators
      • Finalized specifications and requirements
        • Features
        • capabilities
        • Etc.
      • Architecture Guide
        • Overall philosophy and description
        • use cases
        • system block diagrams at various levels.
    Archie - As TFS Master, could you get a final zipped copy of the code disconnected from TFS and update the TFS guide?
    Carrie - Specs & Reqs
    Randy - Architecture Guide





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