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Project Documentation


Here are the assignments for the project-wide documents:

Specs & Reqs - Carrie

Energy Model & Plan - Carrie + part of Model team

Implementation Descriptions - Each team responsible for write-up of their own subsystem. Needs to be understandable by a developer with no previous knowledge of system.

User Manual - GUI team

System Block Diagram - Randy and Controller team. Along with the diagram, we also need a text description of it and the overall system.

Let me know if any of these assignments seem out of scope to the people assigned to them or anyone is unsure of what their document is and how to write it.

Please have an initial version ready in class on Friday. They do not at all need to be perfect or completed. Feel free to highlight sections that you feel are vagure or you're unsure about with keywords or question marks. However, the better versions we can get by Friday the less time we will need to spend making edits.





Created at 11/13/2012 7:45 PM by Carolyn E Boland
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