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Final Coding Session


We'll be having our last coding session before the demo tomorrow tonight in the OEDK. 7:00 as usual.

PLEASE send me an e-mail or a text if you won't be able to come. We have a lot of functionality to get integrated, so it's really critical that we have as many people working as possible.

Just to review, the integration functionality we need for the demo is follows:

1) Being able to save a model (blueprint) to the database.

2) Being able to load a view of the model on the GUI.

3) Being able to run that model from the GUI.

   (Which entails instatiating the modules, connecting them, and then starting the modules. Results will just be hardcoded to output to an excel file.)

​Let me know if anything is unclear or you have questions,





Created at 11/8/2012 12:44 PM by Carolyn E Boland
Last modified at 11/8/2012 12:44 PM by Carolyn E Boland