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Quick Launch

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information12/9/2012 5:28 PM


    Last thing until we're free - documentation. We should meet up once this week to finalize everything, how does Tuesday at 2:00 in the OEDK sound? Everyone should bring nearly done versions of the their docs, and we'll make last changes and post them then. We'll be using the last of the food budget on whatever you guys like.
    I've assigned the last deliverables (as per Dr. Wong) to each team, color - coded below:
    (Red - GUI, Green - Model, Blue - Network, Black - All, Orange - Other, see bottom for note)
    • Code
      • Full code disconnected from source control in Customer site
      • Full code in TFS (do final commits, DO NOT BREAK FUNCTIONALITY)
      • Full code docs at method and field level (everyone document their own code)
    • Documentation (some sections can be moved around into different guides and or combined)
      • Installation guide
        • Azure deployment  -- be sure to identify any hard-coded URL issues!
        • TFS setup
        • VS setup
        • required third party packages (I believe only GUI used third-party packages)
        • security certificates and other settings
      • User guide -- how to use the applicaiton
        • normal users
        • power users
        • administrators
      • Finalized specifications and requirements
        • Features
        • capabilities
        • Etc.
      • Architecture Guide
        • Overall philosophy and description
        • use cases
        • system block diagrams at various levels.
    Archie - As TFS Master, could you get a final zipped copy of the code disconnected from TFS and update the TFS guide?
    Carrie - Specs & Reqs
    Randy - Architecture Guide


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information12/1/2012 2:41 PM

Here is the outline of our presentation with the assigned speaker for that section:

Final Presentation Outline with Assignments.docxFinal Presentation Outline with Assignments.docx


Also, here is the current powerpoint presentation I have currently.

Final Presentation.pptxFinal Presentation.pptx

Each person who's assigned a section should work on/become familiar with the slides for their section. To send me any edits you make, just e-mail me this pptx with your edits and I'll condense them into one version.

If you want to speak and you don't have an assignment, just let me know which part you want to do! There's a lot of people doing double, so we can definitley give you a spot. I really think everyone should say at least something, does not need to be long.

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information11/13/2012 7:45 PM

Here are the assignments for the project-wide documents:

Specs & Reqs - Carrie

Energy Model & Plan - Carrie + part of Model team

Implementation Descriptions - Each team responsible for write-up of their own subsystem. Needs to be understandable by a developer with no previous knowledge of system.

User Manual - GUI team

System Block Diagram - Randy and Controller team. Along with the diagram, we also need a text description of it and the overall system.

Let me know if any of these assignments seem out of scope to the people assigned to them or anyone is unsure of what their document is and how to write it.

Please have an initial version ready in class on Friday. They do not at all need to be perfect or completed. Feel free to highlight sections that you feel are vagure or you're unsure about with keywords or question marks. However, the better versions we can get by Friday the less time we will need to spend making edits.


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information11/8/2012 12:44 PM

We'll be having our last coding session before the demo tomorrow tonight in the OEDK. 7:00 as usual.

PLEASE send me an e-mail or a text if you won't be able to come. We have a lot of functionality to get integrated, so it's really critical that we have as many people working as possible.

Just to review, the integration functionality we need for the demo is follows:

1) Being able to save a model (blueprint) to the database.

2) Being able to load a view of the model on the GUI.

3) Being able to run that model from the GUI.

   (Which entails instatiating the modules, connecting them, and then starting the modules. Results will just be hardcoded to output to an excel file.)

​Let me know if anything is unclear or you have questions,


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information11/7/2012 4:36 PM

We will also be ordering pizza tonight at the meeting using the 410 budget, which means it's FREE. YAY!​

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information11/7/2012 4:05 PM

Coding session again tonight! Same time (7:00 p.m.), same place (OEDK).

Send me a text or an e-mail if you'll be coming late or won't be able to make it. (If you already told me, send me an email or text just in case.)

See you then!


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information11/6/2012 12:38 PM

Hey guys,

We'll be having another coding sesion tonight which is MANDATORY. We are a week behind on integration, and our demo with Mr. Hofmeister is right in front of us on Friday, so we really really really need everyone there working on integration or their own subsystem. If you don't have anything for 410 to work on (which would be strange), please still come so we can have you as a resource for help.

Will start at 7:00 p.m. in the video conference room.

If you cannot or do not plan to attend, please send me an email or a t​ext saying why.




Carolyn E BolandNo presence information11/5/2012 4:24 PM

Reminder: Tongiht, 7:00, around 2 hour meeting, in regular video conference room (waiting on reservation but we'll grab tables if it's taken)


This meeting is CLASS-WIDE. Let me know if you have a previous commitment and won't be able to attend!​

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information10/29/2012 8:19 PM

Hey guys,

Rememer that milestone goals are due tonight at midnight!

After that, I'll be moving the tasks in TFS around since we're moving to a new Sprint. If you're creating any new tasks before then, just be sure to assign them to Sprint 4 instead of Sprint 3.

Also, remember to post minutes from today's class! Currently no team has any up on the workspace. ​

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information10/23/2012 4:28 PM

The notes from yesterday's meeting with Mr. Hofmeister are available in the Minutes section of the meeting workspace for 10-22. Please check them out! We'll be discussing more about the meeting tomorrow in class, but let me know if anyone has any immediate questions/concerns.​

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information10/12/2012 2:08 PM

Journals are still due tonight at midnight!!​

Archibald B HamptonNo presence information10/6/2012 1:27 PM

In class Monday I will go over a demo of how the new TFS structure will work and how to commit code properly.  Everyone NEEDS to read this by class Monday.  You don't have to become an expert on the material but you need to at least be familiar with the terms, particularly Reverse and Forward Integration.

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information10/3/2012 10:02 PM

Hey guys!

Tomorrow 10/4, there will be an energy plan brainstorming sessing in the OEDK ​at 7:00 p.m. (in the regular video conference room).

Please have at least one person from your team in attendance. We'll be talking about stuff like components to an energy plan, important v. less important free variables to an energy plan, etc.


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information10/1/2012 7:53 PM


Here are the main deliverables we decided to get done at the end of class today:
- Fix & prove mathematical Correctness of demo energy model
- Improve UI
- Draft initial Plan
- Analyze and Understand last year's code
Other Issues we mentioned that were important:
- Azure
- Timing/Synchronization in modules
Team Assignments:
CONTROLLER (as before)
RANDY, Adrien, Nithya, Martha
ARCHIE, Nathan, Victor, *Nithya
APOORV, Damien, Alex, *Randy
KEVIN, John, Frank, *Adrien, *Martha
(Asterisk indicates 'controller liasons' for that team. These people will currently be reporting to Randy, but after we finalize subsystem contracts, they will help out their associated other team.)
I'll be contacting the team leads later with some team-level tasks later tonight. Once I do that, all of the team leads need to get in contact with their team before Wednesday.

I just posted an outline of the tasks/milestone goals on TFS preview (under Sprint 2). I'm also going to be holding a tasking tutorial this week which will go ever in depth everything you need to know about tasking. I'm going to require that team leads attend, but I recommend that everyone who's available come and learn. That way, we can make sure that bottom-up tasking is

also working.

Tasking Tutorial - Tuesday 10/2 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. OEDK (video conference room, aka the regular room)
Team leads, if you cannot make this time, let me know ASAP.
Milestone Report 2 due tonight at midnight! If you're confused about what our general milestone goals were, be sure to refer to the TFS site on Work -> Board!
As always, let me know if I left anything out or if anything is wrong!


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/30/2012 10:25 PM

Hey guys,

As you know, the customer meeting will be taking place tomorrow in class. Randy and I worked on the following outline of how we're going to present the demo along with the choices we made about it.


Give it a look over before class tomorrow please!


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/30/2012 6:34 PM

Hi guys!

This is just a reminder to come to the OEDK tonight at 7:00 p.m.! We'll try to be in the regular spot, but if you can't find us just give me a call.


There's been some confusion on when milestone reports are due. Since I made confusing dates (Monday on the survey title, Sunday on the announcement), the milestone report will be due Monday at 11:59 p.m. That mean you do not have to complete them tonight, you can wait until after the customer meeting. Sorry for the lack of clarity on this, my mistake!


Also, please fill out the team interest survey if you haven't! The sooner we can get that info the better.




Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/28/2012 4:33 PM

Hey guys,

So here's a little recap of what everyone needs to know for the weekend!
1. Journal 06 - Due tonight at midnight, found here
2. Milestone 02 - Found here, ue Sunday night at midnight, use the TFS preview Work>Board to see general milestone goals (i.e. Demo & understanding) and team level sub-goals.
3. Journal Buddies! - We're actually gonna try to do journal buddies this week. If you forgot whose journal you should read, what to look for, or where to post, go to the Journal Buddies.

4. Weekend Meetings - Here are the meetings we agreed on in class:
 Sunday 1:00 - 4:00 OEDK
 Sunday 7:00 - 10:00 OEDK

 Please make at least one!


5. Team Survey - Found here, please fill out by Monday with the team you want to be apart of (controller team complete too!)


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/24/2012 4:45 PM

Detailed below is the tasking system we will be using for the rest of the semester. I will also convert this into a SharePoint page under the 'Docs' section of the Main Project page.

We will be using TFS tasking located here:

To get to the tasks, navigate at the top to Work > Board. This will show a view of the team-level tasks split up by milestone goal they're working towards. For this current iteration, that would be 1) Development issues, 2) Comprehensive understanding of last year's project & code, and 3) Prepare Demo for next customer meeting.

The team/pair tasks are assigned to only one member, this means that, ultimately, that individual is responsible for ensuring the task is completed.

I will be adding dates tonight and looking into creating team task pages.

For now, please do two things:

1) Change your visible name to be not your email. This can be done in 'My Profile'

2) Move the task you're currently working on into the 'Active' section.

Let me know if you have any questions or can't get anything to work.

- Carrie

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/23/2012 8:21 PM

Hi guys,

Sorry for posting this so late, but there's three major updates you should be aware of.

  1. Journal Buddies -> I finally got the journal buddy page up and working. If you don't remember what this is, I've written up a little help text on the ​SharePoint page (here). This page is also where you will post your responses to your buddy's journal.
  2. F11 Specs Analysis -> The Fall 11 specifications analysis page can be found here. Please post one or two bad or good things your found in their specifications by tomorrow.
  3. Customer Meeting Notes -> We had the preparation meeting this afternoon in the OEDK. The minutes from this meeting, the resulting action points, and the agenda for the meeting tomorrow can be found here.

As always, let me know if anything doesn't make sense or seems wonky,


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/18/2012 2:36 PM

​Hey guys,

Research groups are decided as follows:

Control - Responsble for specs, general interactions/risks, total supply/demand for energy, etc.

Carrie, Randy, Martha, John

(Note: Randy will however be leader of the Controller team.)

Old Energy - Responsible for coal, oil, natural gas

Archie, Frank, Adrien

Renewable Energy - Responsible for wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal

Apoorv, Nithya, Nathan

Developing Energy - Responsible for nuclear, hydrogen

Kevin, Damien, Victor, Alex


Get in contact with your team leaders to get started. Here's a list of questions that cover generally what you should be answering for each kind of team:

Control Research Group Deliverables:
  - What are the energy plan deliverables?
  - What are the energy simulation deliverables?
 Current State
  - What is the current populaiton in the US?
  - What is the current total demand for energy?
  - What is the average demand per person for energy?
  - What factors effect this demand?
  - What is the current state of the grid?
  - How is the population expected to increase/decrease?
  - How is the total demand for energy expected to change?
  - What is the expected demand per person for energy?
  - What factors in the future could effect this demand?
  - How could the grid get better? Worse?
Energy Research Group Deliverables:

 Current State:
   - What is the percent of total national energy produced by this source?
   - What resources are required for production?
   - Are those resources finite? If so, how much is left?
   - What is the ratio from resource necessary to produced kWh?
   - How many plants currently exist?
   - What is the current cost per kWh to the consumer for this source?
   - What is the cost of building a new plant?
   - What is the maintence cost of running a plant?
   - What are the trends in costs?
   - What are the contributing factors to cost?
   - How long does it take to construct a plant?
   - How long does a plant usually survive?
   - Does efficiency decrease/increase over time? If so, how?
   - What is the environmental effect of this source? Good/bad?
   - Are there any environmental risks/factors for this source?
   - Are there any current public policies about this source? (Note: Keep it simple.)
   - What is best case/worst case/as-is scenario for this source?
   - What is the projected cost of this source?
   - What is the projected production percentage of this source?
   - What is the projected efficiency for this source?
   - What is the projected number of plants? Growing or decreasing?
   - What is the projected environmental impact?
   - What are some anticipated future risks?
I will post this all on a more appropriate page once we get the Main Page up.
Sorry for the long e-mail!


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/17/2012 6:02 PM

Surveys are up! Please fill out the Research Group Preference survey. If you are interested, also fill out the Team Leadership Interest Survey.

Results must be in by midnight.

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/14/2012 8:31 PM

Hey guys,

Today's meeting was a ton of information at once, and I know many people had to leave before 5. This e-mail (which will also be posted as an announcement in SharePoint despite the wonky alerts) will outline what everyone should be doing this weekend to prepare for class on Monday. 

First off, remember that journals and milestone reports are due tonight at midnight!! The milestone report should sort of mirror the contribution documentation we did at the end of the warm-up project, with more details. As far as the 'percentage' goes, just estimate how much of the functionality you feel was actually implemented. For future milestones, we will have milestone objectives to go off of, so this confusion should be only for this week.

As far as for Saturday and Sunday, the main thing we need to focus on is research. Below, I've broken up the specific types of online research that needs to be done by category and assigned each classmate to a specific are of that topic. I'm going to require that everyone draft up a one page report on what they learn this weekend for Monday. Just post it on SharePoint in the 'Personal Updates' list (under Notes on the left nav) and include things like your name, your topic, the links your searched, what did you learn, what do you still not know, what could potentially still be researched, what relationships between topics did you find, etc. 

Research Assignments (all of which were completely random):

Energy Industry
    - EIA Electricity (
          - Data
                - Analyze the formats, layouts, information provided, and usability of data on electricity generation/supply (Damien)
                - Analyze the formats, layouts, information provided, and usability of data on electricity sales (Martha)
                - Analyze the formats, layouts, information provided, and usability of data on electricity use/demand (Frank)
          - Projections
                 - Analyze the formats, layouts, information provided, and usability of data on electricity generation/supply (Nithya)
                 - Analyze the formats, layouts, information provided, and usability of data on electricity sales (John)
                 - Analyze the formats, layouts, information provided, and usability of data on electricity use/demand (Nathan)
    - Types of Sources
            - Analyze the prevalence, efficiency, production, etc. of electricity using the following methods:
            Hydro-carbons -> oil, natural gas, coal (Kevin)
            Renewable -> solar, wind,  (Randy)
                             -> hydro, geothermal  (Archie)
            Nuclear & Developing/New -> hydrogen (Alex)

Energy Plans
    - Analyze the electricity plan components of the ASU projects, in particular Group 4 (Apoorv)
    - Analyze the electricity plan components of the current US energy plan at (Adrien)
    - Analyze the electricity plan components of different states (e.g., etc) (Victor)

If you have any questions at all about what you should be looking at for your assigned area, PLEASE e-mail me and I will give you some more information to go off of. The better stuff we get for Monday, the better prepared we will be. Feel free to also go above and beyond your topic if you find some extra interesting/relevant material. I'll be working on drafting a rough draft plan for the rest of the semester which we will also go over on Monday.

All of this information, again, will be posted on SharePoint later tonight or tomorrow.

- Carrie​
Stephen B. WongNo presence information9/12/2012 11:28 PM

The first milestone report has been posted.   In general, these will be required bi-weekly.    To fill out a milestone report, fill out the percentage of what you feel you got done for your tasks (i.e. what you were responsible for)  since the last milestone report.​   Then fill in a description of what you believed were the tasks you were responsible for and what you feel you accomplished for those tasks.   You may refer to other documentation but if the referenced material is overly complicated and/or contains other material as well, a short synopsis is highy encouraged.     It is possible that there would be some overlap with your regular weekly journals, but the milestone reports is a very specific  report on what you did in relationship to your assigned tasks, while the journals cover a more broad, overall accomplishments and obstacles.     In terms of grading, the usual being specific and complete applies and beyond that, your recorded milestone report score will be a number starting with your stated percentage, adjusted up or down as per the staff's evaluation of your accomplishments relative to your tasks.

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/9/2012 4:58 PM
Hey guys,

So, as part of our report due for tomorrow, we need to document exactly what everyone has done.

To do this, I've created a 'Contribution Documentation' section of the Warmup Project Report page. In this section, I have a blurb area for each leadership position and each person. I've filled out basic examples for Project Manager and myself. 

If each leadership position could fill in their section, that would be great. Please, just fill out what you actually did this warmup project, don't worry about what you will do in the future or what the position from last year did.

As for the individual blurbs, the same idea holds - only document what you actually DID. What you did should fall into two main categories - what you helped to design  and what you helped to implement (i.e. actual code files). Please be as clear and complete as possible in documenting what you did. Don't worry about being too lengthy (though if you've written a page, you've probably gone into too much detail), just worry about getting everything you've worked on down. 

The staff will be grading everyone's contribution based off of only this document, so please put a good amount of effort into this! Send me a text/quick email when you've finished yours so that I can look over it.

[EDIT] Forgot to include a deadling. Obviously, the project is due tomorrow. Please try to get at least something up tonight by 12. If you can't, let me know ASAP.


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/7/2012 3:27 PM
As discussed in Friday class, the weekend schedule is as follows:

[Friday] 11:59 p.m.
 - Have you journals in! 
 - Have your code ready to be tested in

[Saturday] 1:00 p.m. - Dinner OEDK
Have at least ONE TEAM MEMBER at all times doing work and testing.

[Sunday] 10:00 a.m. - We're done OEDK
Again, we need at least ONE TEAM MEMBER there by 10 a.m., but as the day goes on we need everyone there giving 100%.
Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/7/2012 1:45 PM
Journal for this week is up under Surveys, entitled J03 9-7-2012. I somehow added an extra question at the bottom, but just ignore it or choose something random on it.

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/6/2012 12:19 PM

Hey guys,

So controller & GUI team were talking about having the entire team meet up in the OEDK tonight to get some coding done while having everyone available. We'll be there post 9 p.m., so feel free to come join us if you're working!


Carolyn E BolandNo presence information9/3/2012 12:34 PM

Hey team! Just a reminder that we ARE having class today. Same place, same time. If you're out of town you're excused, else be there.​

Archibald B HamptonNo presence information9/2/2012 2:57 PM

TFS restructure...again

MAIN should only used starting towards the middle of the week as we start to create a demo for class. DEV is the folder where all development should happen. Each team has their own solution in their respective team folders to test development out of. Please read over the rule listed here for information on the difference between MAIN and DEV use including branching and merging guidlines

Carolyn E BolandNo presence information8/31/2012 5:27 PM
Your interfaces/ingoing & outgoing methods documentation is due TONIGHT AT 9 P.M.

The controller's team really needs this info quickly so that they can get started. 

Your interface should have a list of all the functions you are sending to the outside world ('outgoing' methods), and then you should keep a list of 'ingoing' functions which are the methods your team is providing functionality for. For example, and 'ingoing' function for the modules team would be like 'CreateModuleInstance'. Please let me know if you have any confusion about where things should go.


Thanks guys!

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