Stephen Wong's Photo Gallery

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My daughter Rachel

Rachel at a park
Rachel on a railing
Her first roller skates!
Rachel on a playground seal
A Rachel-designed pumpkin,
complete with eyelashes!  

Rachel and her pumpkin

Daddy's girl.
Rachel and Stephen

Uncles and Cousins

Rachel's Uncle David and
Cousin Parker 

David and Parker

Awiggly armful!
Stephen, Rachel, and Parker
Rachel and Parker look for a
Christmas tree!

Rachel and Parker get a Christmas tree
The chefs can't wait to try their pizza!
Rachel and Parker make pizza

Grandma (Rachel's) and Fishing

Grandma ties into a salmon.
Mother and salmon
A salmon ties into Grandma!
Salmon and Mother
My 15 minutes of fame:
Front page of the Lorain Journal.
(No, I didn't catch anything.)

Stephen flyfishing

My father, Prof. Edward T. Wong (OC Math Dept, 1957-1986)

circa 1968
Father teaching #1
circa 1980
Father teaching #2

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