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Spring 2005

Spring 2005

Spring 2005
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  Document Libraries

Admin Admin    5 17 months ago
Code Repository Code Repository  A place to put zipped up code for archiving and future reference.  6 17 months ago
Code Review Code Review  Documents relevant to code review  1 17 months ago
Design Documents Design Documents    44 17 months ago
Final Deliverable Final Deliverable  Final deliverables:  code, executables, user manual, documentation, installation instructions, etc.  18 17 months ago
Installer Releases Installer Releases  Installer for Nightly Builds  6 17 months ago
Meeting Documents Meeting Documents  This is a repository of documents for each customer meeting.  21 17 months ago
Resources Resources    8 17 months ago
Shared Documents Shared Documents  Share a document with the team by adding it to this document library.  40 17 months ago
Technical Presentation Documents Technical Presentation Documents  Post a technical document that will be integrated into the presentation.  11 17 months ago

  Picture Libraries

Advertisements Advertisements    2 17 months ago
Class in Action! Class in Action!    31 17 months ago
Participants Participants  Students and staff of Comp410  17 17 months ago
Presentation Pics Presentation Pics  Pictures of the big presentation taken by Dr. Taha.  78 17 months ago
Sky.Net logos Sky.Net logos  Possible logos for Sky.Net  5 17 months ago
UML Diagrams UML Diagrams  Here are UML diagrams that demonstrate the flexibility of our abstract design.  2 17 months ago


03/04 Milestones 03/04 Milestones    2 17 months ago
Announcements Announcements  Use the Announcements list to post messages on the home page of your site.  94 9 years ago
Bug Tracker Bug Tracker  This is a list of bugs open, in progress of being fixed, or closed  3 17 months ago
Calendar Calendar  Use the Calendar list to keep informed of upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other important events.  0 17 months ago
Code Changes Code Changes  Each change to the code base should be documented here before any code is actually written or changed.  This allows others to know what is being added and changed in the code and by who.  21 17 months ago
Development Links Development Links    8 17 months ago
Events Events  Use the Events list to keep informed of upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other important events.  58 16 months ago
Features Features  Prioritized status-tracking list of features for SkyNet  1 17 months ago
General Links General Links  Use the Links list for links to Web pages that your team members will find interesting or useful.  10 16 months ago
Links Links  Use the Links list for links to Web pages that your team members will find interesting or useful.  0 9 years ago
Links2 Links2    0 17 months ago
Meeting Document Links Meeting Document Links    9 17 months ago
Meeting List Meeting List  A list of meetings, who attended them, what was decided, what was accomplished.  7 16 months ago
Milestone 03-04-05 Milestone 03-04-05    61 17 months ago
Milestone 03-25-05 Milestone 03-25-05  Milestone tasking  46 17 months ago
Milestone 04-15-05 Milestone 04-15-05    102 17 months ago
Milestone 04-22-05 Milestone 04-22-05  This lays out the milestones for 04-22 as described in the dynamic "thought solution" in the Shared Documents  70 17 months ago
Milestone 04-29-05 Milestone 04-29-05    61 17 months ago
Milestones Milestones  Milestone tasks  10 17 months ago
MS Deliverables MS Deliverables  Tasks that need to be accomplished for the deliverable to Brad Jensen on April 1st.  1 17 months ago
Project Design Project Design  This is an organized layout of our project design  7 17 months ago
Resource Links Resource Links  Links to various resources
21 17 months ago
Sangria Tasks Sangria Tasks  This listing contains all the tasks that must be completed for Sangria  12 17 months ago
Tasks Tasks  Use the Tasks list to keep track of work that you or your team needs to complete.  8 17 months ago
Team Management Team Management  This will layout team organization and human resource issues  4 17 months ago
Team Organization Team Organization  This lays out the current team organization and class structure for the final weeks.  24 17 months ago
Useful links Useful links    1 17 months ago
Web Log Web Log    1 17 months ago
Web Log Discussion Web Log Discussion    0 17 months ago
What's New What's New    0 17 months ago
XP debates XP debates  Points, couterpoints and compromises brought up in the XP debates.  13 17 months ago

  Discussion Boards

Ballworld Ballworld  Discussion of Milestone 1: Ballworld  19 17 months ago
Class Notes Class Notes  This is an archive of notes taken from our classes.  20 17 months ago
Feature Requests Feature Requests  This is a place where you can request new features to be considered in Sky.NET.  0 17 months ago
First Customer Meeting First Customer Meeting  This is the discussion board for questions to ask at the first customer meeting.  18 17 months ago
General Discussion General Discussion  Use the General Discussion to hold newsgroup-style discussions on topics relevant to your team.  44 17 months ago
Group Standards Group Standards  This message board is for discussion of standards that will be set by the group for the group.  Examples include: testing standards, coding standards, repository commit standards.  10 17 months ago
Imagine Cup Imagine Cup  Discussion for the Imagine Cup.  5 17 months ago
Subprojects Subprojects  This discussion board is a place to organize, plan, and talk about subprojects within the group  4 17 months ago
Team Discussion Team Discussion  Use the Team Discussion list to hold newsgroup-style discussions on topics relevant to your team.  0 17 months ago
Visual Studio .NET Visual Studio .NET  This discussion board is meant to allow for us to ask questions about the .NET framework and Visual Studio technologies.  10 17 months ago


.NET Familiarity? .NET Familiarity?  How familiar are you with .NET technologies?  2 17 months ago
01/14 Journal 01/14 Journal  Weekly journal  1 17 months ago
01/21 Journal 01/21 Journal  Weekly journal  5 17 months ago
01/21 Milestone R. 01/21 Milestone R.  Warmup project  1 17 months ago
01/28 Journal 01/28 Journal    3 17 months ago
02/04 Journal 02/04 Journal    1 17 months ago
02/04 Milestone R. 02/04 Milestone R.    1 17 months ago
02/11 Journal 02/11 Journal    1 17 months ago
02/18 Journal 02/18 Journal    2 17 months ago
02/18 Milestone R. 02/18 Milestone R.  Note new section on goals achieved!  1 17 months ago
02/25 Journal 02/25 Journal    1 17 months ago
03/04 Journal 03/04 Journal    1 16 months ago
03/04 Milestone R. 03/04 Milestone R.    2 17 months ago
03/18 Journal 03/18 Journal  Weekly Journal  3 17 months ago
03/25 Journal 03/25 Journal    2 17 months ago
03/25 Milestone R. 03/25 Milestone R.    1 17 months ago
04/01 Journal 04/01 Journal    3 17 months ago
04/11 Journal 04/11 Journal    3 16 months ago
04/15 Journal 04/15 Journal    1 17 months ago
04/15 Milestone R. 04/15 Milestone R.    7 17 months ago
04/16 Peer Review 04/16 Peer Review  The purpose of this new system is to develop a grading system that more accurately reflects our progress through the class while clarifying expectations of each individual student.  This system is designed to be a "suggestion" to the staff of how well our peers meet our own expectations.  There will be no direct affect on any student's grade and we leave it to the staff to decide what to do with these reviews.

Basically, the Milestone report is a self-evaluation that the course staff looks at and then decides on a grade; this is a peer-evaluation that the staff could look at and then decide on a grade.  Following is our suggested scoring to the staff:
Leaving all grades at the default, 10, will indicate to the staff that there should be no affect on a student's grade.  All 0's would indicate -10% for that milestone, and all 15's would indicate +5% (extra credit!) for that milestone. 
19 17 months ago
04/22 Journal 04/22 Journal    1 16 months ago
04/22 Milestone R. 04/22 Milestone R.    2 17 months ago
04/23 Peer Review 04/23 Peer Review    7 8 months ago
4/29 Journal 4/29 Journal  Added special section on advice for next year.  1 17 months ago
4/29 Milestone R. 4/29 Milestone R.    2 17 months ago
Code Review (Staff) Rnd 1 Code Review (Staff) Rnd 1  Code Review Round 1 by Staff  1 17 months ago
Code Review Round 1 Code Review Round 1  Code Review Round 1

2 17 months ago
Code Style Code Style  We must establish a standard code style in order to make our code work together well.  This survey should help us decide that.  4 17 months ago
Coding Parties Coding Parties  Indicate your availability for coding parties this week  2 17 months ago
Skill/Interest Set Skill/Interest Set  This survey is to gather information about each person's skills and areas of interest for this project.  This will help people of similar skills find each other, as well as help people lacking in a given area to find help from others.  2 17 months ago

  Sites and Workspaces

SharePoint Site Customer Resources  Welcome, valued customer. We greatly appreciate your business! 16 months ago
Meeting Workspace (no meeting date specified) Document discussion  This workspace can be used for discussions of documents distributed via sharepoint 17 months ago
SharePoint Site General Weblog  Weblog for general issues by everyone in Comp410 6 years ago
SharePoint Site Model Team Website  This site is to manage the Model team. 16 months ago
SharePoint Site Network Subsite  This subsite is for the network team to keep track of its progress. 17 months ago
SharePoint Site Team Leader Website  This website will be used for documenting communications between the team leaders. In addition, this website will be an invaluable resource for integrating the different groups. 17 months ago
SharePoint Site Visualization Team  Workspace for the Visualization Team 11 months ago

  Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin Recycle Bin  Use this page to restore items that you have deleted from this site, or to empty deleted items. 0