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Spring 2004

Spring 2004

Spring 2004

Rice University Comp410 Collaboration Site


Final Project Presentation Video 
by Stephen B. WongNo presence information
 5/3/2004 12:15 AM
I have posted the video of the big final project presentation under the Voltron Final Release Docs.   Check out Team Voltron in action!   (Warning:  130 M file--sorry,  in WMF format only at the moment).
by Stephen B. WongNo presence information
 4/26/2004 3:06 AM
Eat that, fault.  I will tolerate you till the bitter end.
(And no messy job files get left behind...)
Process Completed Notification/User Authentication 
by Stephen B. WongNo presence information
 4/20/2004 6:57 AM
There you go. They're both written. They build & pass all passable unit tests. Closing a process makes the "Completed" status show up in the jobs list. I haven't tested user authentication fully.
Okay people, here's a chance to help out:...
Microsoft Enterprise Instrumentation Framework 
by Stephen B. WongNo presence information
 4/19/2004 12:23 AM
Please see the various items I posted in "Resources" concerning this potentially very useful tool.   The EIF enables one to add logging of events and errors in a very flexible manner.   Logging can be turned on or off and...
Voltron User Manual 
by Stephen B. WongNo presence information
 4/1/2004 11:06 PM
I wrote up an initial version of the user manual. It will need to be modified as we continue to change the program, but I thought it would be good if we had something reasonably professional looking before next week. Please take a look and offer up suggestions...
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