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Spring 2004

Spring 2004

Spring 2004
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Use the Links list for links to Web pages that your team members will find interesting or useful.
About Comp410
General information about Comp410
Voltron API shared workspace
Your one-stop shop for all things API related.
Spring 2003 Comp410 web site
VisualSourceSafe Documentation
.NET Resources Site on Exciton
NUnit Home page
Remote Desktop Web Connection
Velocitis Flywheel Home page
rdesktop - UNIX client for Windows Terminal Server
A client that allows UNIX users to connect to a Windows Terminal Service.
Sample Grid Computing monitoring application from Caltech
General GRID computing samples project home
U of Virginia's OGSI implementation;
Uses IIS and Web Service Enhancements; may be difficult to implement
SourceGear (Vault) Home page
Tablet PC SDK download
For the night before the customer meeting...
SCRUM: Agile Project Management
Agile Alliance
Microsoft Enterprise Instrumentation Framework