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DXFramework game engine
A simplified engine developed by John Laird at U. Michigan.
SAGE game engine
A pedagogical game engine developed by Ian Parberry at U. North Texas
OGRE 3D game engine
Open source game engine
MUPPETS game environment
Pedogogical gaming environment developed by Andrew Phelps at R.I.T.
Blender 3D modleing and animation
Blender is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback.
SecondLife MMOG
Massive, user-extensible simulated reality game
PANDA 3D game engine
Open source game engine developed by Disney and CMU.
ORTS Real-Time Strategy game engine
Game engine designed specifically for multi-user RTS games to emphasize game AI. Written by Michael Buro at U. of Alberta.
World of Warcraft
One of the most popular massive multi-player on-line games (MMOG).
MSR Gaming Resource Kit
Microsoft Research Gaming Resource Kit for Jan. 2006 (disk 1 only)
Cory Ondrejka talk on SecondLife (direct link into MSR Gaming Resource Kit)
A great talk given by the creators of SecondLife covering how it works and how it fits into the industry and society. A must-see talk, well worth the time. Extremely highly recommended!
Toolkits from MSR Gaming Resource Kit (direct link)
The MRS Gaming Resource Kit's links to the toolkits don't work properly. so this is a direct link to the DirectX SDK (12/2005), TabletPC Gaming SDK beta, and TabletPC SDK.
Dave Remba's DirectX demo code
This is updated code that supercedes the managed C# demo code in the MSR Gaming Resource Kit by Deve Remba (DevelopMentor). This includes both VS.NET 2003 and VS.NET 2005 projects and more demos. Very nice demos of spining teapots, carousels, and rolloer coasters. Lousy OOP design though (Remba even admits as such).
IRRLICHT Graphics Engine
An open-source, easy-to-use .NET compatible graphics engine
3D Cafe resource site for 3D modeling
A great collection of models to use, etc.
Project PSIworld
Programmable Scalable Interactive World project that is designed for multi-agent AI applications. Uses the Irrlicht graphics engine for visualization. An interesting comparison to Sky.NET.
Scratch Game development system
System for young kids to develop games, from MIT.
free C# audio library