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A documentation generator from Microsoft that can take the XML comments from the code and create MSDN-style .CHM help files and/or HTML documentation.    Needs the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop (aka Help Builder) application to run.   Recommended that a GUI front-end also be installed, e.g. Sandcastle Help File Builder.
CodePlex project home :
Sandcastle Docs Wiki Home
Microsoft tool for creating MSDN-style help files. 
Note that this application may have already been installed by Visual Studio!
Main home page:
HTML Help Workshop download
A GUI front-end to Sandcastle and the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.
The attached document describes a quick how to use the Sandcastle Help File Builder application.
Serach MSDN-AA for available products
Free Microsoft development software for students, e.g. VS, SQL Server, Windows Server 2008, Expresssion Studio, etc.
Proabably the best GUI front-end to Sandcastle
Web page about Sandcastle and SandcastleGUI:
When downloading a CHM file, such as one created by Sandcastle and then posted to SharePoint, you might get an "Address not valid" error when clicking on any topic in the help file.  This is due to IE enhanced security treating the downloaded file as potentially dangerous.  A solution is to clear the "Always ask before opening this file" box in the security dialog that pops up when you try to open the downloaded CHM file.
A summary of both MSDN articles and external research that summarizes the extension of Windows Search 4 in a more digestible form, with links to active MSDN Articles (as of March 2009).
Windows Search 4 Development Guide
A Sandcastle driver that integrates in Visual Studio and utilizes MS Build.
Plugin to add Eclipse project to a TFS project
Java-based IDE and API for easily creating images, animations, and art. Free and open source. Integrable with Eclipse.
The Javadoc for Processing
Wikipedia article briefly describing the "Scrum" agile development process
Built-in Microsoft Event Tracing (Logger)