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COMP 410 is a unique experience in learning fundamental principles of software engineering.   As a pure "discovery-process" learning environment, students are placed into a realistic software development scenario and are given the freedom to explore and develop their own interpretations of the guiding ideas and skills behind successful software development.


For more information, please see the "Comp410 Info" page.   For the current semester's materials, please click the corresponding tab above.



Welcome to COMP410! 
by Stephen B. WongNo presence information
 8/16/2008 1:44 PM
To access the COMP 410 web site for a particular year, please click the appropriate tab above.   The "Resources" site contains material useful for any year.
COMP 410 Staff:  Please log in.   You will then be able to access the staff site.


There are currently no upcoming events.



The Comp410 class and staff would like to express their deepest gratitude for the financial, software and other resource support from the following organizations:  





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 Interesting Stuff...


​Old Formula 409 cleaner commercial.     A larger version can be found here.

This is why you take Comp410!
As of July 2011, Windows XP still runs 51% of the world's PC's -- that's just a little bit scary.