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Spring 2003

Spring 2003

Spring 2003
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Welcome to Comp410!


Class Announcements 
by Stephen B. WongNo presence information
 6/1/2009 2:52 PM
  • 2/20/03:  Penalties now assessed on late journals.   See Journals link to the left.
  • 2/8/03: Visual SourceSafe instructions posted.  See Projects link to the left.
  • 2/8/03: This web site now has full text search capability.  See Search link above....


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    The Comp410 class, the Department of Computer Science and Rice University would like to thank Stephen Waters and the rest of the team at Microsoft University Relations  for their invaluable support of this course through their generous donations of funds, hardware, software and reference materials.    We would also like to thank the Elaine Couillard and the rest of the Rational  Software Corp.'s (now a part of IBM),  Software Engineering for Educational Development (SEED) program for their support.
    Thank you!

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